Connect with international women in The Hague

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Connecting Women (CW) is an international community of diverse women which aims to provide inspiring opportunities for personal and professional growth in a warm and welcoming environment. 

What to do when stuck

You are in a dead and stale place. No energy, no flow. Everything feels black and white. There are seemingly no alternatives. Or are there? In this workshop you'll learn how to shift out of a seemingly unchangeable situation to one that opens up new perspectives. You'll gain new perspectives that can move you into purposeful and passionate action again.

There will also be a short coaching demonstration, in which you will experience the power of perspectives in a one-on-one coaching. We're looking for a volunteer for this coaching demo. Please email to Nadja ( in advance, if you would like to volunteer!

June 2016

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Location of the gathering is BLOOM - House of Health - 28 Koninginnegracht, 2514 AB The Hague.

The evening is free for ConnectingWomen members, non-members pay 15 Euro.