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6 November 2017Connecting WomenNatural Health Solutions with Essential Oils
8 December 2017Connecting Women20 Years CW – Let’s celebrate

Past Events

4 February 2013CW BoardReaching for the Stars; A Women Astronauts Story on How to Make Your Dreams Come True
13 February 2013EPWN/CW‘EPWN/CW In-Company Hague Borrel’
19 February 2013Connect, Read & Discover'Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal' by Jeannette Winterson (UK)
22 February 2013JO(B)ANNAConnect with your dreamjob
4 March 2013CW BoardEmpower yourself - Tackle your fears
22 March 2013JO(B)ANNAConnect with your dreamjob
1 April 2013CW BoardPersonal Charisma; The Woman's Secret Weapon in Business and in Life
2 April 2013Connect, Read & Discover'Interpreter of Maladies' by Jhumpa Lahiri (India/USA)
6 May 2013CW BoardOrganics- is it really worth it?
14 May 2013Connect, Read & Discover'True' by Riikka Pulkkinen (Finland)
17 May 2013Catalina Bertoglio - Wine for FunTasting Wine Like a Professional!
22 May 2013Erika BothThe Hague Borrel
3 June 2013CW BoardAll about apps: does my business need one?
18 June 2013EPWN / CWEPWN/CW Hague Borrel
25 June 2013Connect, Read & Discover'The Lighthouse' by Alison Moore (UK)
1 July 2013CW BoardWhat is the Self-Healing Capacity of the Body?
10 July 2013EPWN / CW offshootEPWN/CW Hague Borrel
13 July 2013Catalina Bertoglio - Wine for FunCheese & Wine Saturday afternoon tasting
20 August 2013EPWN / CW offshootEPWN/CW Hague Borrel
2 September 2013CW BoardHow Financially Safe are You, as a Woman in The Netherlands? A Wake Up Call for You!
11 September 2013EPWN / CW offshootEPWN/CW Hague Borrel
17 September 2013Connect, Read & Discover'The Circle of Karma' by Kunzang Choden (Bhutan)
21 September 2013MarianaOrganic Luxury Skincare Workshop
7 October 2013CW BoardSuccess Panel Discussion & Debate
15 October 2013EPWN / CW offshootEPWN/CW Hague Borrel
15 October 2013Connect, Read & Discover'Open City' by Teju Cole (Nigeria)
4 November 2013CW BoardA masterclass on imagination: Make the inside of your head your favorite place to be
12 November 2013EPWN / CW offshootEPWN/CW Hague Borrel
10 December 2013EPWN / CW offshootEPWN/CW Hague Borrel - cancelled
10 December 2013Connect, Read & Discover'The World Unseen' by Shamim Sarif (UK)
16 December 2013CW BoardConnecting Women’s Festive Bazaar
14 January 2014Connect, Read & Discover'May We Be Forgiven' by A.M. Homes (USA)
21 January 2014EPWN / CW offshootEPWN/CW NEW YEAR Hague Borrel
3 February 2014CW BoardExercise affects your mood and increases your self-confidence!
8 February 2014Vital Aid Foundation, The HagueSpring of Hope
25 February 2014Connect, Read & Discover'Metro 2033' by Dmitry Glukhovsky (Russia)
3 March 2014CW BoardCarpe Diem in the City of Peace and Justice
18 March 2014EPWN / CW offshootEPWN/CW Hague Borrel - 18 March 2014
24 March 2014CW BoardCW Member Survey
7 April 2014CW Board"Knowing How Your Brain Works and Why You Do What You Do; Increase Your Energy and Reduces Your Stress Now!"
8 April 2014Connect, Read & Discover'The Swan Thieves' by Elizabeth Kostova (USA)
12 May 2014CW BoardDemystifying the "M" Word (Menopause)
13 May 2014PWN/CW offshootSpring Hague Borrel - Tue 13 May 2014
20 May 2014Connect, Read & Discover'My Struggle: Book 1' by Karl Ove Knausgaard (Norway)
2 June 2014CW BoardCommunication Secrets from The Love Lab
1 July 2014Connect, Read & Discover'A Tale for the Time Being' by Ruth Ozeki (Japan)
3 July 2014STETSTET: 'An ocean of stories'
7 July 2014CW BoardIt's members time! An evening full of showcases
1 September 2014CW BoardThe 4 Hour Mompreneur - Smash the glass ceiling, build a great legacy and live the good life
16 September 2014Connect, Read & Discover'Flight Behavior: A Novel' by Barbara Kingsolver (USA)
30 September 2014Hague BorrelAfter Summer Hague Borrel - Tue 30 Sep 2014 at ASPA
6 October 2014CW BoardTalk like TED
28 October 2014Connect, Read & Discover'Sarah's Key' by Tatiana de Rosnay (France)
3 November 2014CW BoardWhat has my body got to with my personal and professional success? EVERYTHING!
1 December 2014CW BoardConnecting Women Holiday Party
9 December 2014Connect, Read & Discover'The Siege of Krishnapur' by J.G. Farrell (India)
13 January 2015Offshoot Connect Read & DiscoverThe book "Shining Girls" by Lauren Beukes (South African)
27 January 2015EPWN / CWNew Year Hague Borrel
2 February 2015CW BoardCreate the basis for a happy and successful 2015
17 February 2015Border KitchenBorder Kitchen event
2 March 2015CW BoardGoing Green in The Netherlands
24 March 2015Kristin Anderson"The Fault in our Stars" by John Green
13 April 2015CW BoardCreate your own Social Media strategy for both personal and business use
18 April 2015Kristin AndersonCelebrate Earth Day / Dag van de aarde
18 May 2015CW BoardDesign your Tree of Life
1 June 2015CW BoardWomen in the world
19 June 2015BoardSummer Gathering and Networking Event
6 July 2015BoardHow to feel good in your living space
1 September 2015Connect Read & DiscoverWe read: Unexploded by Allison Macleod (British)
7 September 2015BoardStyle starts now
18 September 2015BoardFall Gathering and Networking Event
5 October 2015BoardInsights into cross-cultural effectiveness
13 October 2015Connect Read & DiscoverWe read: We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler (USA)
2 November 2015BoardProfessional development
24 November 2015Connect Read & DiscoverWe read: A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan (USA)
7 December 2015BoardHoliday Party 2015
8 December 2015Connect Read & DiscoverWe read: The World Until Yesterday: what can we learn from Traditional Societies by Jared Diamond
1 February 2016BoardMake the most of your unique talent in 2016
7 March 2016BLOOMLet yourself bloom
18 March 2016BoardSpring gathering and networking event
4 April 2016BoardIntercultural Teamwork made easy
2 May 2016BoardDo-In: Stimulate and balance your body’s energy
6 June 2016BoardWhat to do when stuck
17 June 2016BoardSummer gathering and networking event
4 July 2016BoardBeauty from the inside out
5 September 2016BoardFailing: A Gift in Disguise
23 September 2016BoardFall Gathering and Networking Event
3 October 2016BoardFemale Leadership: It's your turn!
7 November 2016BoardDealing with conflicts in relationships
2 December 2016BoardHoliday Party 2016
13 January 2017Connecting WomenNew Year’s Kick-off Networking Event
6 February 2017Connecting WomenMake your dual career couple thrive
6 March 2017Connecting WomenExperience the vibrant cuisine of West-Africa
3 April 2017Connecting WomenLanguage in our daily life
19 May 2017Connecting WomenMay Networking Event
12 June 2017Connecting WomenWisdom from within: Leading from authenticity
3 July 2017Connecting WomenConnect to your inner style
15 September 2017Connecting WomenSeptember Networking Event
2 October 2017Connecting WomenSustainability - Who do we do it for?