After every meeting we receive (written) feedback from attendees. We use this to make decisions about future speakers. Some of the feedback is however so nicely written that we wish to share it with you.   We aim to add about 3 testimonials per evening.This is the general opinion of our guests or summary:


Our first gathering in 2015 was a joint venture with    Women's Business Initiative International (WBII)
It was a huge success! For those of you who attended, thank you for coming and participating.
Our presenters, Natasha Bonnevalle, Barbara Piper, and Jacqueline Karelsen, shared their insights on creating the basis for a happy and successful new year (and beyond.)
The evening included time for talking, mingling, and getting to know each other. The presenters and setting at  BLOOM offered a perfect mix of warmth, intimacy, elegance, and friendship. Thank you one and all for making the event special.

Holiday Party

Thank you all who attended and contributed to our wonderful Holiday Party. On December, 1st we had our Holiday Party at Bloom, House of Health. Over 60 women from all over participated ─ we actually covered 6 continents! Many newcomers shared in the festivities and we were pleased to see how open and enthusiastic everyone was. Thank you all who were able to join us that night.

Members time, a meeting full with showcases

At the yesterday's gathering, the last before the summer break, we enjoyed getting in contact with each other and listening to several showcases as well as being actively involved in a meditation exercise, a dance, discussions with exchange of experiences, and an exercise to identify personal strenghts. Some feedbacks from the attending ladies:

"very nice, good balance of presentations"
"very useful, good advice and new things to learn"
"different topics --> interesting including new insights
"great night to connect and share with other members"
"nice to experiment with something different"

The topics and speakers were:
Nyel Binnenhuisarchitectuur Nofit Yelloz with exercises from the yoga lessons she is giving for children
Francisca Liem with her personal story of staying healthy despite age
Dagmar Hopf with a session about talent


Demystifying the "M" Word (Menopause) - Julie Jones and Barbara Reale. See also our Facebook page for more feedback! But for now an impression from Dr. Christiane Northrup. 

Knowing How Your Brain Works and Why You Do What You Do; Increase Your Energy and Reduces Your Stress Now!" April 2014
Women present from 11 different countries. Time in The Netherlands ranges from 3.5 - 25 years. Summary of the feedback:

  • Informative and engaging; "10"
  • A very relevant topic that acts across different personalities and qualities
  • Excellent presentation. Well done
  • I thought the evening was very informative and filled with good tips. I can see that this would be great as a workshop


Exercise affects your mood and increases self-confidence with Jess Hills - February 2014
Allison wraps up this evening:

Hello soon to be more fit women.  Thank you Jessie Hill for an evening of physical activity and increased awareness about the importance of exercise. Collectively we made some goals this evening to help us each and all move forward with fitness goals. Here's what we said we each wanted to work towards:

  • Break my addiction to sugar
  • Get off blood pressure medication
  • Seek professional guidance
  • Cut my sweets habit
  • Eat less salt
  • Eat more lentils
  • Start a new activity
  • Develop core strengths
  • Run a 10K
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Balance between exercise and pain
  • 10 minutes of exercise in the AM
  • Get stronger- Bikram yoga? cycling?
  • Cross-training
  • Running
  • Lift 100 kilos (increase from 60 to 100)
  • Find an exercise that's interesting
  • Train to get muscles stronger
  • Commit to 15 minutes of daily exercise
  • 110 k in June
  • consistent every other day workout, even when traveling

Thank you everyone who attended this evening! Keep focused on your one goal and it will be easier to accomplish as it becomes a higher priority!


Imagination by Barbara Tammes - November 2013
We received feedback from girls from 10 different countries. Their time in The Netherlands ranges from 6 months to 29 years. 

  • Extremely interesting, very creative, practical
  • Lots of great advice I will be able to use in my own circumstances; I always like how the group interacts. 
  • Informative and thought provoking

Success panel discussion & Debate - October 2013

  • "Excellent topic - I found the panel really interesting."
  • "Very inspiring to hear all the three stories - with the same underlying message!"
  • "The diversity of speakers really helped keep it interesting and lively."

Jay Postma and Rebecca Oliver - Chiropractie Leiden - July 2103

  • "interesting, clear, and relevant presentation." 
  • "good speaker- confident, inspiring, and fun." 

Christine Defontaine - Quirky cafe owner and local activist - April 2013

  • "passionate, compelling and authentic speaker." 
  • "great speaker- totally met my expectations, and they were high."