Support female entrepreneurs with your donation

Skillpower Care Nederland

As we told you with the invitation for our gathering on December 8 that we’re going to donate the profits of this event. They will go to the program “SKILLPOWER” organized by CARE Nederland.

SKILLPOWER shows what women entrepreneurs need in order to be successful, and what they themselves, and others around them, can do to achieve that. Through our program ‘Women Empowerment through Enterprise Development’, CARE meets women from marginalized communities who overcome major obstacles in developing their enterprise. We think their stories will inspire women around the world. At the same time they create awareness among a broader audience on conditions that need to be created to support more women worldwide in their economic development and empowerment. The platform not only connects you with the women, but also with their trainers, neighbours, fathers, mothers, husbands, brothers, and other stakeholders that can positively influence their lives.

— SKILLPOWER is about the power of entrepreneurial women worldwide. It’s about the power to use one’s skills, and the skills to use one’s power. —

We invite you to support this program with your donation on December 8, 2017.

Watch this video to get an idea what SKILLPOWER means.